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Why release pheasants to hunt?

Economic Increase

The investment will give opportunity and provide additional income to local game bird breeders, dog breeders, sporting good stores, restaurants, hotels, and many more

Hunter Recruitment

We see a yearly decrease in youth involved in the outdoors.

Brining pheasants back to the fields will give hunters a greater opportunity experience to the hunt of a lifetime. 


This plan is for recreational hunting opportunities, this is not for repopulation. 

MPHI supporters successfully lobbied to expand the release program in 2023.

Pheasant license dollars directly pay for roosters to hunt.
Realease site Michigan 13 sites no UP.jpg

13 public release sites will be utilized this year with three times as many roosters being released as were in 2022. 

2023 Release Sites

Cornish (Van Buren County) – fall release.

Crane Pond (Cass County) – fall release.

Crow Island (Bay and Saginaw counties) – fall and December release.

Dansville (Ingham County) – fall and December release.

Cass City (Tuscola County) – fall and December release.

Pinconning (Bay County) – fall release. 

Pointe Mouillee (Monroe and Wayne counties) – fall and December release.

Rose Lake (Clinton and Shiawassee counties) – fall and December release.

Stanton (Montcalm County) – fall and December release

Lapeer (Lapeer County) – fall and December release.

Leidy Lake (St. Joseph County) – fall and December release.

St. Johns Marsh (St. Clair County) – fall and December release.

Erie (Monroe County) – fall and December release.

Click on State Game Areas for Maps
Our work


The goal of the Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative is to ensure that pheasant hunters have an opportunity to succeed in the public pheasant fields of Michigan. 


This is accomplished by supporting the successful release of pheasants in designated state owned lands, ensuring that pheasant hunters have access to these public hunting areas, and encouraging increased habitat development.


Achieving our goal results in:

  • Recruiting new hunters

  • Reactivating former hunters

  • Retaining current hunters


A successful Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative will benefit current hunters as well as foster future generations of pheasant hunters.

Hunters from West Branch.jpg

MPHI inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Every dollar spent is to encourage public participation
of pheasant hunting on public land.

Not a single dollar is spent on wages or salaries.



Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative INC

Tel: 810-358-9372

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